Exporting to the Canadian Common CV

The UNIWeb Curriculum Vitae offers a simple and streamlined way of managing your Canadian Common CV, and a straightforward process for exporting your information over to the CCV website to apply for funding directly. In addition, UNIWeb also includes some powerful tools to ensure that you submit the correct information for the funding agency of your choice.

Although the Canadian Common CV is treated as a standard set of information to apply for funding via multiple funding agencies, many agencies differ in which parts of the CCV are most relevant to the funding opportunities that they offer.

UNIWeb automatically keeps track of the CV requirements for funding agencies that operate through the Canadian Common CV, and creates input guides, called funding templates, that can help you ensure that you've entered all of your CV information properly and completely as per that agency's standards.

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Exporting CV information from UNIWeb

  1. From your UNIWeb Home page, go to Curriculum Vitae

  2. In the right panel, choose a Funding Template to filter and verify your CV information according to the required sections and fields of your application’s Funding Agency. Any areas that are missing information according to the funding template will be marked in red.

  3. Once you've double-checked your CV, select the Export to CCV option from the right panel.

  4. Click Download CCV XML. Your CCV XML file will appear in your downloads folder.

Importing CV information into the CCV website

Once you have downloaded your CCV XML file, you are ready to continue the application process on the CCV website.

Before you begin: Ensure that you have the CCV website open in only one active tab, as any other open tabs may overwrite your changes with outdated information.

  1. Log in to the CCV website.

  2. Navigate to Utilities, and click Import XML CCV.

  3. Click Choose file and attach the CCV XML file that you downloaded from UNIWeb.

  4. Click the “I’m not a robot” Captcha checkbox.

  5. Once you have passed the Captcha, click Parse.

  6. Once the information loads, click Select all.

  7. Click Import.

Note: Even though the CCV website will warn you that you are overwriting your existing CCV information, only the fields that are contained within the XML file will be overwritten.

Now that you have updated your CCV, you may continue with your application as normal on the CCV website. If the funding agency requires that you only submit information going back a set number of years, see the next section on how UNIWeb can apply ‘Submit’ checkmarks on the CCV website for you.

Applying ‘Submit?’ checkmarks

When you apply for funding, some funding agencies require that you only submit information going back a set number of years. For example, some SSHRC applications require only the last 6 years of publications.

When the CCV website creates a CV draft for your application, it lists all available CV items that are relevant to the application and selects all available items by default. Normally, you must deselect the Submit? checkbox for each publication that falls outside of the funding agency’s required time period. UNIWeb can automatically deselect all of these items for you.

Before you begin: Ensure that you are logged out of the CCV website, and close all instances of the CCV website that you have open in other tabs. Any other open tabs may overwrite your changes with outdated information.

  1. From your UNIWeb Home page, go to Curriculum Vitae.

  2. Click Apply “submit” checkmarks in the right panel.

  3. In the Apply “submit” checkmarks dialog box, enter your CCV username and password so that UNIWeb can access your CCV account.

  4. Select the funding template for your application, and the date at which the checkmarks should start (Oldest and moving forward to the present)

  5. Optional: uncheck any sections that you would like UNIWeb to ignore.

  6. Click Apply on CCV.

After this process, when you log in to the CCV website and access the funding template for your application, the Submit? checkboxes for the listed CV items will be selected according to the time period that you defined in the steps above. You may continue your funding application on the CCV website as normal.

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