Finding and Reserving Resources

Resource profiles are listed in Research Clusters, in search results, in the Resources section of the UNIWeb Home page, and on the Map page. Resource profiles work in much the same way as any online marketplace - if you have found a Resource that you would like to inquire about, you can contact the owner via email or by phone to inquire further about using it.

On this page:

Sending a message to a Resource owner

  1. Click on the Resource listing that you would like to inquire about.

  2. Respond to the listing using one of the following two contact options in the right panel of the Resource profile:

    1. In the About the owner section, click # Click to show to reveal the owner's listed phone number.

    2. In the Contact the owner section, write your email address, your name, and compose a message to the owner outlining your request, and click the Send email button.

If you opted to send a written message to the owner, UNIWeb will send an email to the owner containing your message and contact information.

Responding to Resource Inquiries

If a UNIWeb visitor has sent a message in response to one of your Resource listings, UNIWeb will send the response in the form of an email. The inquirer's email address will be listed in the reply-to field, and so you can respond by replying directly to the message.

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