The Home Page

The UNIWeb Home Page is the first screen that you will see when you log in to your UNIWeb account. It is a dashboard that combines specialized sections where you can populate and maintain your account information, profile and curriculum vitae. The Home page also includes tools to create and manage new Research Groups and Resources.

The Home page has seven sections, as listed below:


The Profile section allows you to create a public profile on UNIWeb, in order to connect with other UNIWeb members and showcase your research interests and academic achievements. You can also manage parts of your UNIWeb account and membership information.

From the Profile section, you can:


The Connections section allows you to browse your connections to other UNIWeb members, based on your position title, your academic unit, and the research themes that you have added to your profile.

Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae section allows you to populate and manage your academic CV, which you can use to create annual activity reports and other documents for your institution, and which you can export directly to the Canadian Common CV to apply to funding opportunities.

From the Curriculum Vitae section, you can:


The Publications section offers a dedicated area to create records of your academic publications, in order to include them in your Curriculum Vitae or public profile. You can populate your publications manually, or import them from various external sources, including Google Scholar, BibTex, PubMed, and EndNote.

From the Publications section, you can:


The Groups section allows you to quickly access the Research Groups that you've joined, and create and manage new Research Groups.


The Resources section allows you to create and manage the Resources that you have made available within your UNIWeb network.


In the Tutorials section, you can find support documentation, frequently-asked-questions, and videos to help you get the most out of UNIWeb.

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