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Deleting your own UNIWeb account

If you would like to delete your UNIWeb account, you must contact a system administrator to complete the account deletion process on your behalf.

Deleting members from your UNIWeb network will immediately revoke their access to your institution’s UNIWeb network and will permanently delete their account information from the system.

Before you begin: this procedure requires an administrator role within the subject’s academic unit that includes the following permissions:

  • Delete existing accounts

If you have not been assigned a role with the permissions listed above, and believe that you should be able to perform this task within your academic unit, please contact your system administrator.

  1. From your UNIWeb Administration page, go to Members.

  2. In the centre panel, click the checkbox to the right of the UNIWeb member(s) whose accounts you would like to delete.

  3. In the right panel, click Delete Selected.

  4. In the Delete selected members dialog, confirm that you have selected the correct UNIWeb member(s), and click Delete.

Note: deleting a UNIWeb member’s account will not delete the research themes, articles, resources, or groups that they have created, but those assets will no longer display an owner or author.

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