Sending generic administrative emails

As an administrator, you can send direct emails through UNIWeb to members within your academic unit. You can send these messages with either you or UNIWeb listed as the sender. There is no specific administrator permission that needs to be assigned in order to grant this functionality; it is available to any UNIWeb members who have been assigned an administrator role.

In sending email messages through UNIWeb, please follow any communication rules and standards set by your institution.

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Before you begin: this procedure requires an administrator role in any academic unit that includes the following permissions:

  • Edit member information

  • Send email invites

If you have not been assigned a role with the permissions listed above, and believe that you should be able to perform this task within your academic unit, please contact your system administrator.

  1. From your UNIWeb Administration page, go to Members.

  2. In the centre panel, click the checkbox to the right of any members to whom you would like to send an email.

  3. In the right panel, click Generic message, under the Send Email heading.

  4. In the Email Members dialog, configure any sending options, set a subject, and compose your message.

  5. Click Send.

Your email message will be sent to the members that you selected. If there is a problem sending the email message, UNIWeb will save the message as pending. You can check the status of any pending messages by clicking Check send status in the right panel.

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