Networking on UNIWeb

In addition to offering intuitive tools to create and manage a digital copy of your academic curriculum vitae, UNIWeb offers robust tools to discover and connect with peers, and to stay in the loop with the latest news at your institution.

To start, you can curate the information that you have entered into your academic CV into a public profile, a representation of your presence and work at your institution. Within your UNIWeb network, you can list academic resources and equipment under your management to be discovered and shared by your peers, and you can create Research Groups to organize and share resources with your colleagues.

UNIWeb allows you to tag your groups, resources, publications and even your profile with Research Themes - keywords that can help you find potential collaborators and research equipment suited to a particular topic, and that can help you boost the discoverability of your own listings in search results accordingly. Every Research Theme has its own Research Cluster, a page full of resources that have been tagged with the same Theme, to help you discover everything your institution has listed under a particular topic.

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