Navigating UNIWeb

UNIWeb's main areas are a set of four pages that act as dashboards, leading you to specialized tools within the platform. The Home page, for instance, allows you to manage your own information and assets within the UNIWeb network. The Network page serves to help you browse and connect to resources available through your institution's UNIWeb network. The Members page allows you to browse and search for specific members of your UNIWeb network. The Administration page, which is only visible if you have been granted an administrator role in your UNIWeb network, houses tools that allow you to process administrative tasks for your academic unit, view and download academic metrics, and help your colleagues manage their accounts and information.

The step-by-step procedures outlined in this help centre will generally start by directing you to one of these four pages. They are linked in UNIWeb's main navigation bar at the top of the page, and are always accessible no matter where you are in UNIWeb.

Tip: If you have been granted an administrator role, the link to the administration page will only be visible once you have logged in, and will take the place of the link to the Members page. The Members page remains linked within the More button, next to the search bar.

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