The Administration Page

The Administration Page is a dashboard combining specialized sections where UNIWeb administrators can perform various administrative tasks.

You can access the Administration Page by clicking Administration in UNIWeb's top navigation bar. The Administration Page will only be available to you if you have been assigned an administrator role.

The Administration Page has eight main sections, as listed below. You will only see the sections that correspond to the permissions that you have been granted through the administrator roles that were assigned to you. If you feel that you need access to one of the sections below to perform administrative tasks for your academic unit, please contact a system administrator.


The Members section of the Administration page provides a full list of your network’s users, along with tools for account management and communication.

From the Administration > Members section, you can:

Web Articles

The Web Articles section allows you to create web articles that are displayed on the UNIWeb Network page, in the newsfeed.

Research Themes

The Research Themes section provides an overview of your UNIWeb instance’s Research Themes and the structure of their hierarchy.

From the Research Themes section, you can:

Academic Metrics

The Academic Metrics section provides tools to visualize statistical information about UNIWeb members and their work. UNIWeb can create lists, graphs, and spreadsheets of this data for further analysis.

Academic Units

The Academic Units section provides an overview of your institution's academic units as they are organized in UNIWeb.

From the Academic Units section, you can:

Access Control

The Access Control section allows you to set administrator roles to define who can perform administrative tasks within your UNIWeb instance, and allows you to assign those roles to your peers as necessary.

From the Access Control section, you can:

API Access

The API Access section allows you to manage your UNIWeb instance's custom integrations with third-party services.

Data and Report Templates

The Data Reports and Templates section allows you to view the sets of mapping rules, called schemas, that generate UNIWeb's data entry forms and tell UNIWeb how to generate CV and report documents. Generally, if a UNIWeb user indicates that their CV or report document is missing a record, cross-referencing that report's schema will help you identify why that record was not included in the exported file.

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